Talent Acquisition & Development

We believe that as an institution, public school districts recruit and hire principals and teachers based on minimum qualifications: certification and endorsements. We advocate using structured principal and teacher selection interviews. These interviews identify talented applicants so that the “recruiting effort” is focused on talent, not minimum qualifications. Each district faces unique recruiting and development challenges, we have several proven strategies that will help us select the right solution for your specific needs.

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Employee Investigations

This is never an easy or pleasant process. That’s why, as unbiased and experienced investigators, you can count on us to uncover the truth in any given situation. Our services include conducting annual professional development for new principals on due process and investigations; assisting principals and central office administrators in conducting investigations. We also provide one-on-one professional development on due process and investigations for principals who encounter staff disciplinary issues.

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Cabinet Decision Making Process

The primary product the Cabinet produces for the Superintendent, school principals and other central office administrators, is situational awareness of what issues or problems must be addressed within the district. Our proprietary Decision Making Process unifies situational awareness with the execution process. This process help you develop a clear and easily understood vision of the operation and desired outcome after the decision has been made.

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